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Tips for maintenance of crane wire rope

January 16, 2019

china latest news about Tips for maintenance of crane wire rope

Wire rope is used very frequently in our life, at the same time, it gives us a very strong and reliable feeling, but if not properly maintained, the service life will become shorter, increase the cost of use, but also there are certain security risks, so good maintenance, can extend the service life of wire rope, but also improve the safety factor.


First, the maintenance of wire rope needs to pay attention to the usual loading and unloading, loading and unloading engineering is a key to the maintenance of wire rope. When loading and unloading, try to use lifting equipment or skid professional tools to load and unload, so as not to cause the disorder of the rope tray, leading to the phenomenon of wire wear or winding.



Secondly, in the process of transportation, the wire rope should avoid rolling on uneven ground, which can easily cause damage to the steel wire rope dial. At the same time, when rolling, it is easy to stick some stones or clay and so on, which will also affect the use of the wire rope. In the process of wire rope winding, more attention should be paid to directionality. It is necessary to winding and releasing the rope in a certain direction.

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