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Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd

March 05, 2021

Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd

Application industry Electric power equipment—Lifting Beam Pullery

Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd. was established by Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Engineering Co., Ltd. through overall change in May 2010. The company was established in 2001 and its predecessor was Wind Power Research Institute of Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.The company has been engaged in wind power technology research, product development has been nearly 40 years of history,the company's main large wind turbine design, production and sales as well as wind farm operation and maintenance, spare parts supply and provide wind field planning, technical consultation, design and construction services for wind power engineering,it’s the provincial high-tech enterprises and high-tech R & D center.Has won the "National Machinery Industry Advanced Collective" and other honorary titles.


Instructions for purchasing method and process of steel wire rope:

In order to correctly and completely describe the wire rope you want to order, please confirm the following contents when ordering:

1. Surface treatment: coating or non coating, coating weight requirements.

2. Wire rope structure: it is also our common specification and model. The structure of our equipment is: 1 × 7, 1 × 19, 1 × 37, 6 × 12, 6 × 19, 6 × 24, 6 × 37, 6 × 19S, 6 * 19W, 6 * 25fi, 6 * 29fi, 6 * 26ws, 6 * 31sw, 6 * 36sw, 6 * 55sws, 18 * 7, 19 * 7, 24W * 7, 35W * 7, 8 * 19S, 8 * 19S + 8 * 7 + 1 * 19 (PP), 4 * 31sw, 4 * 19S, 4 * 25fi. 4V * 39s, 6V * 39s and so on

3. Diameter: mm or inch

4. Length: the required length of each shaft or roll

5. Rope core: fiber core (FC) (including natural fiber core (NF) and synthetic fiber core (SC)) or steel core (including wire rope core (iwrc) and wire strand core (IWS))

6. Twist direction: right interaction, right same direction, left interaction and left same direction

7. Tensile strength of steel wire: n / mm2 (MPA) or kg / mm2

8. Lubrication: it is oil-free, or oil, or antirust oil, generally butter!

9. Standards: Chinese standards, international standards, German standards, American standards, British standards, Japanese standards or other standards shall be implemented.

10. Package: wooden wheel or flexible package (linen or plastic film); material and color requirements of the label, whether there are special identification contents, Chinese and English requirements, number of tags and tag requirements.

Application: such as fishing, port crane, gantry crane, tower crane, crane, elevator, steel plant crane, general engineering, etc

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