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Our High Tension Grommet Sling at Weizhou 6-8 wellhead platform of Salvage Bureau

December 2, 2010

company cases about Our High Tension Grommet Sling at Weizhou 6-8 wellhead platform of Salvage Bureau

In 2010, 118mm ~ 130mm endless sling was used at Weizhou 6-8 wellhead platform



High Tension Grommet Sling


  • Compared with the normal grommet sling, the breaking load of the high performance sling is much bigger and special process is done at the lifting point to extend its service life.

  • In the form, high tension grommet sling was spliced by the wire rope with the characters of class a or ab, steel core, nominal tensile strength 1770MPa. Depending on the different working place, we should chose the rope with different surface treated, including galvanized wire rope with lubrication, galvanized wire rope without lubrication and un-galvanized, total three choices.

  • Choose different capability wire rope to splice the high tension grommet sling, its breaking load is different. Shall calculate the sling’s breaking strength according to the steel wire rope construction.

  • Min Breaking load of high tension grommet sling is 5 times of that working load. According to the requirements of the industry, other safety factors also can be applied. The safety factory of the following operation can be executed with the standard rope sling –grommet sling> GB/T30587-2014, such as the load weight is accurate calculated or measured, hoist operation is to be monitored and controlled and dynamic coefficient are limited. The same, when the diameter is 60mm or less than, take the safe factor of 5, the diameter from 60 to 150 mm take the safety factor of(6.31-0.022D), when the diameter is greater than 150 mm, safety factor should not be less than 3.

  • The angle in the form is the diagonal angle.

  • When using much higher tensile strength wire rope to splice the grommet sling, the rope diameter should be smaller than the normal tension strength rope.

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