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Dongfang electric-LKS Wire Rope Sling applications

March 05, 2021

Dongfang electric-LKS Wire Rope Sling applications

Application industry Electric power equipment-Steel Wire Rope Sling

Dongfang Wind Power Co., Ltd has the R&D and manufacturing capability of two mainstream technology lines of direct-drive and double-fed wind turbines and their supporting blades, generators, electric control systems and other core components. Its products cover 1.5MW to 4.5SMW series onshore and 5.0MW to 10MW series offshore wind turbines.Our products have been exported to Sweden, Russia, Finland, Ethiopia, Cuba, Ecuador and other countries. We have provided more than 10000 sets of wind turbines for domestic and foreign users.


Wire rope maintenance, wire rope loading and unloading, wire rope use

In the process of handling steel wire ropes, the same care must be taken to the handling of mechanical equipment. When the wire rope is unloaded, it is forbidden to push directly from high place (such as on truck), which can prevent the wire rope from being injured or damaged. The correct method is to insert a steel pipe in the shaft hole of the rope pulley, fasten the sling at both ends, and lift the steel wire rope with forklift or similar machinery. When rolling the wire rope on the ground, the crowbar can only be applied to the flange of the rope wheel, and it is strictly forbidden to contact the wire rope directly. At the same time, the ground shall be flat and the wire rope shall not pass through sharp or hard objects.

The wire rope shall not be placed flat during storage, and shall be padded with stones, planks or other objects, and covered with a cushion. The wire rope shall be placed in a place where ventilation and drying are usually carried out, and the medium environment which endangers the performance of the wire rope, such as heat source, acid and alkali, shall be avoided. During the storage, the steel wire rope shall be inspected regularly, the sand and soil adhered to shall be cleaned in time, and the protective grease shall be coated.

In the process of using wire rope, the wire rope should be often coated with lubricant. The role of lubricant is to lubricate and reduce friction coefficient, so as to make the service life of wire rope longer.

When using the common point to contact the wire rope, the steel wire rope should be removed and installed again after a period of time. In this way, the stress caused by the tension in the wire rope can be eliminated, so that the internal stress of the wire rope is even and there will be no separation and fracture.

In the process of using multi strand wire rope, the stress of the wire rope ring should be loosened first. Because of the pretension of lison special steel wire rope in advance, the steel wire rope has no stress, so as long as the method is correct during installation, the service life of the wire rope will be longer.

When using the type of wire rope, the winch, electric hoist, winch, tower crane, gantry crane, etc., shall try to use multi-layer strand non rotating steel wire rope and wire contact wire rope. The service life of wire rope will be longer.

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